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15min meditation music - short & intense, perfect for smaller sessions!


Close your eyes, feel the sun come down on your face. Receive its warmth and strength. This soundtrack feels like rays of sunshine on a warm, sunny day. Isochronic brainwave entrainment with a gamma frequency stimulates a high consciousness and the feeling of inner warmth.




Gamma brainwave entrainment with isochronous beat at 42 Hz.


Isochronous beats also work without headphones. However, it is still recommended to use headphones for maximum effect.


Gamma is probably one of the most interesting frequencies. It is otherwise only achieved by very experienced meditators.


The concentration and perception is particularly strong. Increased awareness, deep insights and a view of the "big picture" characterize this state.


ꕥ Particularly suitable for:


powerful, mind-expanding, mystical meditations






We make no claim to effectiveness and cannot guarantee the effects mentioned. The meditations cannot replace medical treatment.

Sunbathing | Gamma-Meditation | Binaural Beat @ 42Hz

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    • HighRes .wav-File
    • HighRes .mp3-File (320 Kbps)
    • License PDF in EN & DE
    • 15m 00s

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