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Surrender yourself to weightlessness and float in infinity.

This track is meant to put you into a deep and relaxed state of rest. Absolute comfort and feelings of bliss that might even lead to sleep.

 Try it out and let yourself be carried away.


Epsilon brainwave entrainment with binaural beat at 0.3 Hz.

Intended for use with headphones!

This condition occurs at the lowest frequencies and combines the effects of very fast (gamma) and very slow frequencies (delta, epsilon).

A very intensive and at the same time pleasant experience, with the possibility of profound insights and knowledge.

ꕥ Particularly suitable for: Intense meditations



We make no claim to effectiveness and cannot guarantee the effects mentioned. The meditations cannot replace medical treatment.

Float | Epsilon Meditation | Binaural Beat @ 0,3Hz

SKU: 027
    • HighRes .wav-File
    • HighRes .mp3-File (320 Kbps)
    • License PDF in EN & DE
    • 60m 00s

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