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Meditierender Mensch verspürt Dankbarkeit
Meditierender mit entspanntem Blick

Sergej Rose
Komponist, Gemini und von Neugier getrieben


… is omnipresent and universal.

It is a language that inspired and accompanied me from an early age. I am infinitely grateful for every moment and experience I can have with and through it.

The benefits of meditation give me a new perspective on the world of experiences. And as a composer I aim to reinforce this with the combination of music and meditation.

Arbeitsplatz zur Komposition von Meditationsmusik
Meditierender bereitet sich auf Meditationsübung vor
Blütenzustand versinnbildlicht persönliches und spirituelles Wachstum


… are carefully composed and personally tested and offer you the opportunity to experience the benefits of music and meditation.

Are you ready to grow?

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