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Our brain works in different frequencies, depending on the state we're in. With auditory stimuli based on specific pulse frequencies we can influence and synchronize our brain to a desired state.

Those states are known as Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, …

The music of BINAURAL BLOSSOMS uses either binaural or isochronic beats to increase the listening impact and experience.

Binaural beats are more subliminal, whereas isochronic beats are more distinctive and can be effective even without the use of headphones. However, we highly recommend using headphones for both of them.




Binaural beats are created when each of our ears perceives a different frequency. Our brain establishes the binaural beat through the difference between those two frequencies and then begins to align with it. To make sure that those two different frequencies really only hit one ear, the use of headphones is inevitable.



Isochronic beats are created through a pulse of a consistent frequency. This pulse – according to its Hertz – is sent many times per second to affect our brain waves. As the frequency does not need to be established through a difference, isochronic beats also work without the use of headphones!


Our brain wave frequency resonates with the situation and mood that we are in. During sleep this frequency is particularly low. However, when we're in high activity this frequency rises.

With the help of binaural and isochronic beats we can influence our brain waves and bring them to a desired and beneficial state.

Below you will see the most important frequencies at a glance …



100 Hz - 200 Hz

This state occurs at very high frequencies and combines the effects of very fast and very slow waves.

An absolutely intense and at the same time pleasant experience that we like to describe as a gamma-delta-mix.

ꕥ Especially suitable for:

intense, mind-shifting meditations



30 Hz - 100 Hz

Gamma may be one of the most interesting frequencies. Usually, it is reached by people with lots of expierence in meditation.

Concentration and awareness is particularly strong. Enhanced consciousness, deep insights and the ability to see the „bigger picture“ are features of this state.

ꕥ Especially suitable for:

Powerful, consciousness-expanding and mystic meditations



13 Hz - 30 Hz

Beta mostly is found during normal activity, especially when we're physically and mentally engaged.

However, a high beta frequency is also associated with anxiety and stress.

For our Brainwave Entrainment purposes this frequency is of minor importance.



8 Hz - 13 Hz

In Alpha we feel pleasant calmness and relaxation. But just enough to still be remarkably receptive for new information and influences of creativity.

This state especially qualifies for learning purposes and for the integration of new information and knowledge.

ꕥ Especially suitable for:

Smooth and gentle meditations, „in the flow“-states



4 Hz - 8 Hz

Deep relaxation and light sleep that you can encounter during an intense meditation.

In this state our consciousness is reduced while the access to our subconscioussness is being opened.

We're super receptive for affirmations and reprogramming here.

ꕥ Especially suitable for:

Working with belief systems, affirmations, subliminals



0.5 Hz - 4 Hz

Slow and deep frequency for complete relaxation and deep sleep.

The consciousness is deactivated, only our subconscioussness is active.

Our body gets the opportunity to regenerate and heal.

ꕥ Especially suitable for:

Regenerative, resetting and healing meditations



0.1 Hz - 0.5 Hz

Interestingly, the lowest frequency has a similar effect to Lambda's high frequencies, which is why the effects are also similar.

A very intense and at the same time pleasant experience that we like to describe as a gamma delta mix.

ꕥ Especially suitable for:

intense meditations



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