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Earth and free yourself from the stress and anxiety of your everyday life! This magical forest puts you in a state of rest, in which regeneration, relaxation and healing can take place.


Listen to the full sample here!




Delta brainwave entrainment with binaural beat at 3 Hz.


Intended for use with headphones!


Slow and deep frequency for absolute relaxation and sleep.


The conscious mind is deactivated, only the subconscious is active.


The body gets the opportunity to regenerate and heal.


ꕥ Particularly suitable for:

grounding, regenerative and healing meditations






We make no claim to effectiveness and cannot guarantee the effects mentioned. The meditations cannot replace medical treatment.

Magical Grounding Forest | Delta-Meditation | Binaural Beat @ 3Hz

SKU: 016
    • HighRes .wav-File
    • HighRes .mp3-File (320 Kbps)
    • License PDF in EN & DE
    • 60m 00s

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